What is Therapeutic Fitness?

The muscle mass is lost with aging and sedentary lifestyle. This condition is medically known as Sarcopenia, with which most people increase their fat tissue, although the total body weight remains stable. In this sense, it is not only convenient to adopt a healthy diet, but also important to maintain and increase the Muscle Mass Index. This allows a greater effectiveness in the metabolic processes of the organism, such as the management of fats, glucose levels, insulin, etc.

To achieve this, it is necessary to combine the diet with a program of physical exercises suitable for each person. You can increase physical activity by performing low-impact functional exercises that allow adult cardiovascular training and the musculoskeletal conditioning of your body. This should be done according to your tastes and preferences, so that this activity is pleasant and you have an effective caloric intake.

Through a therapeutic coach, each person is evaluated in multiple factors of their health and their daily life, to design the training plan that best suits their medical requirements and their preferences; so that you can have a healthy and viable exercise plan.

The Therapeutic Fitness teaches participants to understand the limits of their heart rate, above the therapeutic threshold where workout actually causes a positive effect on metabolism and below cardiovascular risk levels, teaching how to use a heart monitor or heart rate monitor and how to build a training plan adjusted to your physical fitness, preferences, previous sports experiences and health needs. Additionally, the participant receives all the recommendations that will help him start or improve physical activity, in terms of sports equipment. For participants who are already immersed in regular physical activities, they receive recommendations that will help them improve the mechanics of exercise, tolerate greater loads, reduce fatigue produced mainly by the production of lactic acid, improve their sports performance, and enjoy more of the activity they perform.