Metabolic Recipe Book

Metabolic Recipe Book

In order to fulfill these three phases of this Program you will be provided the Metabolic Recipe Book made available by us on the internet through the page, which contains an important variety of recipes for easy-to-prepare meals, so you can prepare different menus and thus get away from repetitive and boring meals, such as grilled chicken with lettuce.

However, on each and every one of the Phases (including Maintenance), you must always bear in mind the four fundamental pillars of Metabolic Slimming Program.

The 4 Pillars of the Metabolic Slimming Program: 

1. Do not combine fats with carbohydrates.

2. Eat 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2 small snacks, mainly based on protein. This will help you control your appetite, as it contributes to a feeling of fullness and will improve the secretion of the insulin hormone by the pancreas.

3. Reduce by ¼ the portion of food you eat. Remember that you are also getting fat because of the amount of food you eat. Set-up your mind progressively to reduce the proportion of food that is usually served. (*)

4. Do not consume Carbohydrates of High Glycemic Index (HGI) at night. For reasons of the hormonal secretion order the organism has, which is called Circadian Rhythm, the levels of the insulin hormone are very low, so the carbohydrates that you ingest will not be incorporated into the muscle in an adequate way to be metabolized and will then be stored as a fat reserve.