How does the MSP work?

The basic idea of the Metabolic Slimming Program is to change the patient’s metabolism through a simple nutritional plan that allows a person to “Manage their weight”, defining goals at a short, medium and long term. This program does not overrule none of the food groups that make up the “Food Pyramid” and/or the Healthy Eating Plate, as physical activity is increased simultaneously, progressively, and pleasantly.

Metabolic weight replaces overweight or obesity for a change in daily habits. The account of food is not required and thus the difference with other diets. The important goal for this diet is to prevent the patient from being concerned about rapidly losing weight by not eating, which in turn will certainly recover weight in no time.

Another core idea of the Metabolic Slimming Program is to create a balance to reduce body fat, establishing a proportion upon which the contribution of calories does not exceed the expenditure thereof, i.e., regulate energy metabolism.

The success of the Metabolic Slimming Program is intended to achieve an energy balance in the patient and a transformation in lifestyle. It is then important to combine the following elements:

  • Intake reduction of saturated and trans-saturated fats
  • No combination of fats with high glycemic index carbohydrates
  • Increase in physical activity
  • Control of Global Cardiometabolic Risk Factors

The Metabolic Slimming Program is the ideal program for those who want to “Manage their weight” in order to feel good about themselves and their lifestyle. Therefore, to the question that patients often ask: How long will it take me to be at a healthy weight? They are always answered: The important thing is not only how many kilos/pounds are lost or how long it takes, but how they are lost, for losing weight must not be taken lightly; as the body must not be set a time to be healthy and surely must not be deceived into a weight loss record time just for advertising purposes.