The Metabolic Slimming Program relies on the use of additional items that can be acquired by the patient and serve as control and support tools upon weight management. We recommend not using the cell phone as a step counter, since it is a multipurpose tool nowadays and generally does not allow focusing properly on the desired goal.

Those tools in action are:

The Pedometer: is a device of small dimensions used to determine the number of steps a person takes on a given period. It can be loaded comfortably and placed on your belt, the edge of your pants or skirt. The pedometer has a sensor that detects the roll produced by each step and records it electronically.

The pedometer is an essential means to carry out the Metabolic Slimming Program, as it helps patients reach and exceed the goal of 10,000 daily walking steps. In addition, it is a low-impact functional exercise with cardiovascular training and musculoskeletal conditioning that involves an effective caloric intake. All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothes and your pedometer.

The Recipe Book: In our Recipe Book at you will find a wide variety of suggestions to prepare these foods in a healthy, easy and pleasant way to the palate. This recipe book has been prepared by a group of specialized professionals and offers different options to prepare rich and healthy meals daily. It also includes a convenient calorie description by portions that will be very useful in this program.

The Weekly Food Planner: It is a very useful tool where you can find suggestions of different menus scheduled per week, of what you can eat for each meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). These menus are presented based on the recipes from, and the objective is to provide guidance that will help you to combine food, in a varied and healthy way, while learning to modify your habits and eating behaviors.

The Dietary Journal: It is a simple tool, where the patient can record their diet, noting brief detailed descriptions of the types and quantities of food and beverages consumed, during a specific period of time, generally from one to seven days. The objective of this tool is to determine a qualitative estimate of the patient’s food intake, as well as to know their eating habits, to explore the quality of the food consumed and to evaluate the nutritional knowledge acquired in the program.