The 1x2x3 method

The 1x2x3 method is a model of physical training (Reference Dr. Carlos Saavedra) consisting of performing one minute of exercise, followed by two minutes of rest, and repeat it three times in 8 muscle groups of the body. This system can be put into practice at home or in the office, or in the gym under the supervision of a coach.

This training is recommended in the Metabolic Slimming Program and its main benefit lies on the strengthening of muscle mass. It is an effective and scientifically proven method in many parts of the world, and its beneficial effects are demonstrated by tests such as muscle biopsies, CT scans, etc.

Although the 1x2x3 method does not provide the patient with cardiovascular endurance, it can generate a greater elimination of body fat. For example, if you are going to exercise with dumbbells, and you cannot with the weight of these during the first 10 seconds, you should immediately replace them with dumbbells of less weight, until you can get to do the full minute.

Doing crunches with the 1x2x3 system is different from the traditional method and it is important the patient does not make a long movement from the floor to the knees, for this would damage his spine. The goal is to perform the classic short abdominal, but for a full minute.